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As a volunteer you are the core of the Friendship Circle. To keep everybody connected and in touch, we need you to log your volunteering hours.

 The FCconnect website and app makes it easy for you to communicate with us.

For each activity recorded in FCconnect, you will accumulate “Friendship Points” that you can redeem for a variety of awesome gifts. (Look for this icon Capture.PNG throughout this guide to learn the values of different volunteer opportunities) 

If you earn 2,500 Friendship Points or more, you will receive the Friendship Circle Special Needs Fellowship Award. 

Community service and chessed forms can be automatically downloaded for all recorded hours entered in FCconnect 

Points you earn for volunteering can be used to purchase cool prizes on our website and will also be used at a Chinese Auction at our Volunteer Celebration at the end of the year! 


We challenge teenagers to give their time, patience, and love. The reward is a unique friendship with someone who will immediately accept you, come to love you, and never forget you. 

Volunteering with Friendship Circle means hours and hours of fun in a constructive, affirming environment. It means getting to meet other teenagers who are committed, caring, and responsible. It means gaining a sense of security and self-esteem that comes from knowing that what you do makes a difference in the life of a child.

By joining the Friendship Circle volunteer club you join hundreds of teenagers who are committed, excited and motivated to learn more and do more. The beauty of the Friendship Circle is your devotion to that special child.

Find a phone to contact Zeesy Grossbaum at 201-262-7172, or move your mouse and e-mail to